Expressive Arts

ArtsArt : Vision provides so much of the raw material for learning.  All children are encouraged to use different materials to express themselves and to look at art from different cultures, a range of artists and different genres.  They experiment with sculpturedifferent art and craft techniques using various media.  Activities are often linked with project work but art is also taught as a discrete subject whereby children are introduced to a range of artists and encouraged to develop their critical awareness.  Visiting artists provide opportunities to broaden their understanding and appreciation.

Music is taught throughout the school and our aim is to allow children to develop the skills of listening and performance in a variety of musical areas.   Children are trumpetencouraged to sing and play tuned and un-tuned instruments.  They are introduced to a wide range of musical genre developing their  critical awareness.  Children regularly perform in assemblies, services and concerts. Peripatetic Brass and Woodwind tuition is available and the older children also have access to drumming and percussion lessons.

Dance has always been included in our PE lessons but we are aware of the creativity of the subject. We ensure that pupils can experience dance in many different forms, from traditional country dancing to Zumba to Rock and Roll!