Dreigiau Coch

Our Dreigiau Coch went to the Royal Welsh Showground on Thursday 23rd January 2020 to take part in ‘Taniau Draig’. They had a fantastic day and can’t wait to tell all of the children in school about it!

We are very proud to have been one of the first local schools to be awarded the Bronze Award for Cymraeg Campus.

Dreigiau Coch is a pupil voice group set up to encourage and promote the use of Welsh throughout the school, across the curriculum and in all areas of school life.

We meet regularly and are fully involved in planning new and exciting ways to develop and encourage fellow pupils and adults to speak Welsh as much as possible in our school, for example saying ‘diolch’ instead of ‘thank you’ and responding with ‘croeso’ – ‘you’re welcome’.

We teach Welsh playground games to other children in school.

Watch this space for more innovative and fun ways of helping Irfon Valley to SIARAD CYMRAEG!  SPEAK WELSH!


Our Ymadrodd yr Wythnos this half term (Gwanwyn 1) is:

‘Beth wyt ti’n hoffi fwyta?’ –  ‘What do you like to eat?’

Dw i’n hoffi fwyta…..  – I like eating….

Dw i’n dwlu ar……  – I love eating….

Dw i’n mwynhau fwyta…… achos mae’n……    – I enjoy eating…. because…


Our Ymadrodd yr Wythnos this half term (Hydref 2) is:

‘Beth wnest ti neithiwr?’ – ‘What did you do last night?’                                 

Es i i’r … (sinema, parc, pwll nofio, Ty Mamgu) – I went to …

Gwyliais i … (teledu, ffilm, News Round) – I watched …

Chwaraeais i … (pel-droed, rygbi, gyda ffrindiau) – I played …

We will be listening out for children asking and answering this question around the school.



This website is based around programmes for Foundation Phase on S4C.


Here you can zoom through space and discover stories, songs and games created especially for young Welsh learners. Bliblob is an animated, talking guide who morphs into the meaning of Welsh words used in the stories and the songs. Bliblob can also be used either with the stories and songs or on its own to learn new words and sentences in a fun way.


A site more for juniors to practise vocabulary either words or sentences in a number of different ways.


A Welsh Second Language resource for 7-11 year olds in KS2.


Guto Nyth Bran,  Codi Hwyl,  Hapus,  CYW,

Tric a Chlic,  Campau Cosmig


Our school is working very hard to achieve the Cymraeg Campus Language Charter. We are pleased to have been awarded the BRONZE award and are now working hard on the 10 targets to complete the SILVER award. The Dreigiau Coch is leading the Charter with the help of Mrs Anthony and Mrs Evans.

The aim of the Language Charter is to inspire our children and young people to use their Welsh in all aspects of their lives.

Please click on the web address to find out more: