Hello everyone! We are looking forward to seeing some of you back in school next week. We have made a video to show you what school will look like. Some things will be a little bit different but lots of things will still be the same.

When you arrive at school you will see some arrows along the path (2 metres apart).

Class Two Children – Follow the red arrows into the junior gate where a member of staff will be there to greet you. Parents are asked not to cross the red line at the main gate.

Class One/Rainbow Tots Children – Follow the yellow arrows to the gate where a member of staff will be there to meet you. Parents are asked not to cross the red line at the Foundation Phase gate.

When you come into school you will need to wash your hands.

You will take your coats, bags and lunch boxes straight into the classroom (you won’t be using your pegs).

The classroom will look a little bit different, but that’s OK because we will be back together!

On your table you will have your own tray with all the things you will need for your day at school. We will also have lunch together in the classroom.

We will be spending lots of time outside!

At the end of the day we will take you outside, where you will find a yellow star to stand on, ready to be called to go and meet your parents or be taken to the bus.

Irfon Valley CP School Video

In the current climate, both children and adults may be worried or anxious about returning to school.

Below is a short booklet about Sammy the Sloth facing his fears and returning to school which has been written and illustrated by Rachel Cook.

You may want to read this story with your child ,which in turn may open up opportunities for discussion around how your child is feeling.

If your child is not returning to school this week, we look forward to seeing them again in September .

sammy sloth story edited version A4

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