Dosbarth Dau / Class 2



Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6)

Our Teachers are Mrs Evans (Monday-Thursday) and Miss Clark (Friday)

 Our Teaching Assistants are: Mrs Dawes (Mon-Weds)
Mrs Price (Thurs & Fri)

There are currently 19 children in Class Two


Homework: Guided Reading follow up work which may be reading most weeks, spellings on J2Blast, Nessy, TTRS tables set

Reading: Guided Reading will take place on Mondays so the children will need to ensure that they have done any follow up reading and bring their book into school.  The children have all been given a new zip wallet to keep their reading books in. They are encouraged to update their reading diaries daily.

P.E/Games: This lesson is on Friday so the children will need to come to school dressed in their games kit.

Pixel Haze: We have been visited by the team at Pixel Haze who have listened to our ideas for our new school website. They taught us about website design and will be coming back to visit us soon.

Rugby skills: We were lucky to have a visit from Wayne Morris who is the rugby development officer at Ysgol Calon Cymru. He taught us some of the skills used when playing rugby.

Welsh yard games: Tudur Rees from Menter Iaith visited and taught us some welsh yard games. The Dreigiau Coch team will enjoy teaching these to Class One.

Year 5 & 6 trip to Llangorse: On Thursday 19th May, years 5 and 6 had a fantastic time at the rope centre in Llangorse. We learnt some new skills and tried hard to be healthy and confident individuals. We had the opportunity to try traversing, bouldering, rock climbing and abseiling.

OUR TOPIC (Summer 2022)

This term our topic is ‘Sow, Grow & Farm’

We started off our topic by accessing prior knowledge using a mind map. We then got into groups and and had to problem solve to work out which was the best location for a new allotment.

We were lucky to have a visit from Joe Wilson who owns the new shop in Builth called ‘The Root Cellar’. He answered all of our questions and even brought some delicious fruit in for us to sample.

The children requested to have group signs hanging above their tables so they decided what farm animal they wanted to be and have produced some lovely mobiles.

We have learnt about bees and their importance in the process of pollination and we have dissected flowering plants and identified the different parts. We have also looked at the life cycles of an insect, amphibian, bird and  mammal.

Our class novel for this term is going to be ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ by Roald Dahl.

Matthew and Laura’s Mum has made a video for us about their chicken farm which we are looking forward to seeing. We will also be finding out about dairy farming and sheep farming.

On Tuesday 17th May we visited Lofftwen farm and looked at some water sampling. We are pleased to say that the water was very clear!

                      SPRING TERM 2022/TYMOR y GWANWYN 2022

Homework: Predator collage due in by Monday 7th March

Guided Reading follow up work most weeks, spellings on J2Blast, TTRS tables set

Reading: Guided Reading will take place on Mondays so the children will need to ensure that they have done any follow up reading and bring their book into school.  The children have all been given a new zip wallet to keep their reading books in. They are encouraged to update their reading diaries daily.

P.E/Games: This lesson is on Friday so the children will need to come to school dressed in their games kit.

Cwis Dim Clem: Wednesday 26.1.22 we took part in the quiz with Gruff. The highest score was 37 out of 44! This team will be competing against Llanelwedd school in March.

OUR TOPIC (Spring 2022)

This term our topic is ‘Predator’/‘Ysglyfaethwr’

We have learnt all about food chains and chosen a predator to design a leaflet about. We have used line, colour and zooming in to create art work. We have also learnt about carnivorous plants such as the venus fly trap, sundew and pitcher plant. Our class novel is ‘Charlotte’s Web’ by E.B White.


                                                   This is our ‘Growth Mindset’ display.


Roald Dahl Day: On Monday September 2021 it is Roald Dahl day and if we want to, we can come to school dressed as a character from one of his books. We will be learning about this well-known author who was born in Wales.

Reading: Guided Reading will take place on Mondays so the children will need to ensure that they have done any follow up reading and bring their book into school. Welsh guided reading will be on a Thursday with Mrs Price. These books/texts will remain in school. The children have all been given a new zip wallet to keep their reading books in. They are encouraged to update their reading diaries daily.

P.E/Games: This lesson is on Friday so the children will need to come to school dressed in their games kit.

OUR TOPIC (Autumn 2021)

                                     This term our topic is: ‘ Chwyldro/Revolution ‘

We will be learning about aspects of life during the Victorian period. We will try to include a local aspect when possible. Our class novel is ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty. Some of our areas of study are:

Queen Victoria

Victorian Schools  – including looking at extracts from Garth school log book

Victorian Jobs – including local jobs from the census documents

Working Children – down the mines, chimney sweeps, maids etc

The Matchgirl’s Strike


Famous Victorians


Gardening: Class 2 will be doing some gardening activities on Thursday afternoons. We are also holding a sunflower competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflower.

Bronze Young Ambassadors: Our sport’s ambassadors are Reuben and Lowri. They took part in 2 Teams meetings with children from other local schools and also the area Sport’s Development Officer.

New Curriculum: Some members of Class Two have been on Teams meetings with staff from Ysgol Calon Cymru and pupils from other local schools to learn about aspects of the new Curriculum for Wales which will become statutory in September 2022.

Year 6 Leavers: We all wish our Year 6 the very best of luck as they move up to Ysgol Calon Cymru. Year 6 parents will find an envelope with a memory stick inside their child’s school bag. As we have been unable to present a face to face leaver’s assembly to parents we have recorded a montage onto the memory sticks for you to keep.

Sport’s Day: Congratulations to Llewelyn who are our winners this year! Sport’s Day this year was different to how it usually is and we are proud of you all :).

OUR TOPIC (Summer 2021)

This term our topic is: ‘ Blue Abyss’

The children helped me to complete a topic web at the start of term and have each completed a KWL grid of information they would like to find out.

These are some of the topics they would like to cover:

The Titanic                   plastic bottle fish       ocean zones

plastic pollution                     ocean life

Our class novel this term is ‘Kaspar, Prince of Cats’ by Michael Morpurgo.

We made plastic bottle fish which we hung in our class aquarium. We made sea creatures out of clay and made still life drawings of shells and starfish. We learnt about plastic pollution and created eye catching posters to warn about the dangers to sea life. We held a discussion about who we think may have been responsible for the Titanic disaster.

Class Two – Blue Abyss      Have a look at the PowerPoint to see some of our class displays


Cwis Dim Clem: We will be taking part (virtually) in the quiz again this academic year, on January 18th. POSTPONED

Llongyfarchiadau! Congratulations! to Alex for winning the Builth Library ‘design a Christmas card competition’ with his design for the book ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped’.

We spent the first half term focussing on well-being activities.

We talked about our feelings and  brainstormed inspirational words to make a display using complimentary colours.

We spent time outside making structures using natural resources and did still life sketches of autumn leaves which we painted using water colours. We also wrote leaf and harvest poems and learnt about vanishing points and horizon lines when painting scarecrow and pumpkin fields.

We wrote reports about Rosa Park and the Montgomery bus boycott.  


  Our ‘Assessment for Learning’ board                           Our School Rules board

Our Learning Pit board

“It is better to know how to learn than to know.” – Dr Seuss

OUR TOPIC (Autumn 2020)

This term our topic is: ‘ Ffaroaid a Phyramidiau – PHARAOHS AND PYRAMIDS’

Our class novel is ‘Secret of a Sun King’ by Emma Carroll 

This half term we have learnt about Ancient Egyptian farming, how the pyramids were built and the social structure of Ancient Egypt.


Llongyfarchiadau! Congratulations! Our Cwis Dim Clem team have got through to the next round and will be playing against Cradoc School in March.

Cwis Dim Clem: On Tuesday 28th January 2020, Tudur came into class to deliver the quiz. We were asked lots of questions about Wales and questions in Welsh. Our quiz team got 40 answers correct. Da iawn!

OUR TOPIC (Spring 2020)

This term our topic is: ‘ Chwedlau Hud a Lledrith – MAGICAL & MYSTERIOUS LEGENDS ‘

The children started the topic by thinking about what they already know and then thinking of questions they would like to find the answers to. These are on display on our learning wall.

We have spent the last few weeks finding out about Chinese New Year – Kung Hei Fat Choi

We listened to the myth about how the years are named after an animal and then the children had a bilingual welsh lesson about chinese food. They enjoyed cooking Asian chicken soup and spring rolls. They used lots of literacy and numeracy skills. Year 6 even wrote the instructions in welsh! I am looking forward to seeing their fact pages/posters about China which they have been doing for homework.

We will be learning about lots of welsh myths and legends, such as Gelert and the Wolf, Rhiannon, the Changeling, the Mabinogion and how the dragon ended up on the welsh flag. As well as others such as Robin Hood, Icarus, Pandora’s Box and the Sword in the Stone. The children will also be doing an independent learning project about a mythical creature of their choice.

We are enjoying reading ‘Outlaw’ by Michael Morpurgo as our class novel this term.

In English lessons we have been learning about diary writing and will be moving on to looking at adverts. We will then create our own advert based on a myth or legend. In Maths we have looked at fractions, decimals and % , 2d shape, symmetry, volume and capacity.


Royal British Legion: Many thanks to those children who attended the concert at the Strand Hall in Builth Wells. You did the school very proud with your beautiful singing of ‘Oh that I had wings’ and ‘Blowing in the wind’. Many congratulations to Eva for winning the poster competition.

Regimental Museum trip: On Thursday September 23rd we will be visiting the museum in Brecon

Centenary Celebration: On Friday September 20th 2019 we took part in the celebration at St. Cadmarch’s Church. We sang four songs, including a special war remembrance one. Many thanks to Mr Fraser for inviting us to take part and for visiting us in school to help us with the songs.

Welsh Wheel: Every morning one of us spins the wheel to find out what the question is. We then have to ask and answer the question with our friends and try to extend our answers.

Bilingual welsh lesson: Y Goeden Aeaf/The Winter Tree

OUR TOPIC (Autumn 2019)

This term our topic is: ‘ RHYFEL PLENTYN – A CHILD’S WAR ‘

We enjoyed our trip to the Regimental Museum of the Royal Welsh.

We enjoyed baking carrot cookies when learning about rationing and created spreadsheets to see how many of each item would be rationed over a certain time.

We have learnt about why WW2 started and who was involved.

We have found out about Operation Dynamo, the Battle of Britain, the Blitz and how Cardiff was affected by the war. Year 5 and 6 worked in pairs to present a powerpoint to the class.


Drone Safety: On Wednesday 10th July, Sam Cooke from the company Tremio came to school. He gave us a presentation about drone safety and then flew one of his drones outside so we could see what the drone sees when it is up to 400 feet high. We had a great time!

Leavers Assembly: This will be held in the school hall on Wednesday 17th July at 2pm.

Transition Week: Year 6 will be at Ysgol Calon Cymru n Builth Wells for the week beginning Monday 8th July.

Cardiff Blues Tag  Rugby: Class Two will be taking part in this tournament again along with Llanelwedd primary school on Wednesday 3rd July.

Welsh Food Agency Workshop: Tuesday 2nd July

Powys Gala: Good luck to Phoebe who will be attending the Powys swimming gala on Friday 28th June

Sports Day: To be held on Wednesday 26th June at 1:30pm.

Golf Day: All of Class Two will be taking part in this activity at Builth Wells Golf Club on Thursday June 13th. Letter to follow. POSTPONED. Now on 16th July.

School Nurse: Karen Lynch (our School Nurse) will be coming in to talk to Years 5 and 6 about hygiene on Tuesday June 11th.

Kwik Cricket: Our team of 8 children will be taking part in the Kwik Cricket tournament at Builth Wells Cricket Club on Friday June 7th. POSTPONED. Now on 20th June.

Trip to Plantasia in Swansea: We will be visiting Plantasia on Tuesday June 4th.

Tag Rugby: On Friday May 17th, our rugby team took part in the annual Ysgol Dolafon Tag Rugby Tournament. Irfon Valley were overall champions after winning every game! Jack M also had best player! We are very proud of you all.

Hafan Cymru, Spectrum Workshops: We did 4 workshops with Mrs Martin. These covered – ‘Healthy Relationships’, ‘Bullying’, ‘Domestic Violence’ and ‘Appropriate and Inappropriate Pictures’.


OUR TOPIC (Summer 2019)

This term our topic is: ‘ RAINFOREST RICHES ‘

We have baked different cakes using ingredients you would find in the rainforest.

On Thursday May 16th we had a visit from Dave Shaw and his ‘Rainforest Roadshow’.


We will be finding out where in the world the rainforests are, what animals and people live there and why they are so important. We will also be learning about deforestation and Fair Trade.


PC Viv: On Wednesday April 10th, PC Viv came to talk to us about stranger danger with a  presentation called ‘Friend or Foe’.  She is returning in the Summer Term to do an e-safety workshop. There are games and quizzes on the website below.

Powys Swimming Gala: April 9th. For those children attending please remember to bring your swim wear, goggles, 2 towels and lunch. Pob Lwc!

Well done to all of the children who took part. We came second in the relay!

Cross Country: March 29th. Some of the children in our class represented the school at this event in Llanelwedd. They had a great time and we had some excellent results. Da iawn pawb!

Llangrannog: March 18th – 20th 2019

We have arrived safely at Llangrannog and are busy enjoying the activities.

The activities we did over the course of the 3 days are:

archery, skiing, tobogganing, go karting, walk to the beach, horse riding, trampolining, quad biking, high ropes, climbing wall, zip wire, swimming, team games, quiz, bingo, dancing, disco, shop time.

World Book Day: We took part in the live lesson on Thursday March 7th. The theme of the day was about sharing books and we took it in turns to read a story to children in class one. We enjoyed listening to David Walliams read the story that had been created during the live lesson.

Fair Trade Workshop: We had two visitors from Co-Op to visit us. Glen Weale talked to us about Fair Trade and how if we buy Fair Trade products it helps people living in poorer countries. We were able to try some Fair Trade chocolate and we were also given a Fair Trade banana.

Fire Safety Talk: Laura visited class to talk to us about Fire Safety. A couple of us got to try on some of her uniform

OUR TOPIC (Spring 2019)

This term our topic is: ‘EXTREME EARTH’

We started the topic by creating a mind map to access prior knowledge. We then added questions to our learning wall. We will be adding the answers when we discover them.

This is our Learning Wall in class:

 our answers

We have been learning about the Earth’s climate zones and extreme weather conditions.

We really enjoyed working in small groups to create model volcanoes. Some of us even added a cross section and labelled the different parts. It was great fun watching them erupt when we added bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, red paint and washing up liquid. We have learnt why volcanoes erupt and we have written fact files about some famous volcanoes. We enjoy using our reading skills to find information in books and on websites. We know the importance of trusting websites and citing where we got our research from.

We have also been creating dances in small groups based on the theme of volcanoes. We will be performing them to music and ‘David Attenborough’ style commentaries.

Here are some pictures of our work on volcanoes:


The Water Cycle: we made i-movies          

We are reading the book ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo 

(our display in the library)


We also took part in the RSPB Big Bird Watch and recorded the results using bar graphs, pie charts and group data in our maths books. We each chose a bird that we saw and wrote a report about it in our English books. We are feeding the birds using our bird feeding station outside the big windows in class. They seem to be enjoying the meal worms!

This is our bird feeding station:


Diwrnod Llywelyn:  Tudur came to school to help us to each make a coron (crown) and tarian (shield). On Tuesday December 11th, we marched around the Groe in Builth Wells with some other schools in our cluster. We then went to the Strand Hall and played some welsh games.


Christmas Fair: On Friday December 7th it was our annual school Christmas Fair. We worked in groups to design an activity within a given budget. We had to organise the prizes and keep track of our budget. We all made some money.


British Legion Concert: On Friday November 9th some of Class 2 attended the British Legion concert at the Strand Hall in Builth Wells. We had been learning a song called ‘We will remember them’ which the children sang alongside children from other local schools.

Football and Netball at Radnor Valley: We had a great time at Radnor Valley on Friday October 5th and all played well.

Tennis Sessions: Paul Rowe volunteered to teach us some tennis skills. We enjoyed these sessions and are very grateful to him.

Anti-Bullying Week: For anti-bullying week we watched a short animation called ‘Wing’ and wrote a story. You can watch the video here:

OUR TOPIC (Autumn 2018)

This term our topic is: ‘Gods and Gladiators’

We have been learning about the Celts and Romans.

We made shields and helmets in DT and we have found out what a Celtic warrior might have looked like. We enjoyed having a ‘mock’ Celt v Roman battle on the school playing field.

We visited St Fagans on Wednesday October 10th and took part in 2 different workshops. The first one was at Bryn Eryr which is the Celtic village. We learnt what daily life may have been like for the Celts. Our second workshop was inside and we saw a model skeleton. We realised that it would have been a Celtic warrior as he was buried with his sword.


We learnt how Romans built their roads and wrote a set of instructions. We also found out about Roman gods and goddesses and enjoyed using watercolours to paint a god or goddess.


Jonathon our class pet:

The music area: