Our Curriculum

At Irfon Valley we seek to educate the ‘whole person’, both in academic and practicalFootball ways.  We strive to make our curriculum appropriate to pupils’ needs with teaching styles that develop positive attitudes through experiential and enquiry based learning.  We pride ourselves on the achievements our children make and strive to ensure that every individual receives the support and challenge to achieve to the best of their ability – whatever that ability may be and in whatever field, be it arts, sports or traditional academic subjects.

Creative WorkshopsAll school policies, schemes of work and planning clearly indicate a skills based approach to learning.  Assessment for learning ensures that there is a focus not only on what children learn, but also the way in which they learn.

As we are a school situated in Wales, through our formal and informal curriculum, we aim to foster and develop an awareness of Welsh language, culture and heritage as well as a knowledge and understanding of the wider cultural inheritance of Wales and the UK.  Through our curriculum and from working with the local community, our pupils also develop an understanding of global issues and the need for sustainability.Mr Wolf

We encourage pupils to become independent, resilient learners.  Staff consider the individual needs of all of the pupils in school, and encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning in a way appropriate to their age and ability.   We are currently working hard on developing a shared culture of “Growth Mindset” and “Visible Learning” across the school.  It is through making mistakes that we are able to learn and improve.  We frequently provide opportunities for pupils to assess their own and each other’s work in order to improve, either verbally, pictorally or in writing, often using a traffic light or Mr Men system.