Languages, Literacy and Communication (English)

LLCOur main aim is to provide a stimulating curriculum that motivates our pupils to achieve the highest possible standards in all areas of literacy.

Great emphasis is placed upon learning to read accurately and with enjoyment. On entry IMG_0706into school children are gradually introduced to our phonics schemes ‘Jolly Phonics’ and ‘Letters & Sounds’.  They then move on to our structured, colour-banded reading system which includes a mixture of different well-known reading schemes together with ‘real books’.  This enables us to keep track of children’s progress in reading but we also go to great lengths to encourage children to enjoy reading and to read widely.

IMG_1652The development of oracy is promoted through role play and ‘Show and Tell’ in the Early Years. It is further developed through circle time, drama and school productions which take place each year.  As well as developing the above skills, in KS2, the children take part in presentations, debates and drama.

Class 1 2014-15 171The teaching of writing is delivered through our daily English lessons and within the context of our termly topics and themes across the curriculum, as far as possible. Punctuation and grammar are taught in context and sometimes as discrete lessons. Handwriting and presentational awareness are taught throughout the school as part of a continuous process which culminates in a clear, flowing, legible, cursive style which serves the needs of the pupil as a writer.