Science and Technology

S&T The innate curiosity of a child provides a natural stimulus for scientific development.  Science for young children means exploring, discovering and investigating the world around them. These activities help children gather the experience they need to understand the world in which they live.  At each stage of his/her life, a child should be building on previous experiences and Sciencedeveloping broader concepts or ideas.  With this in mind, children are given appropriate opportunities to make observations, classify, estimate, suggest explanations, design experiments, record results, and interpret findings.  We develop childrens’ understanding of the world around them through educational visits and visiting speakers.  Throughout the school children are given opportunities to explore and investigate in a ‘hands on’ situation wherever possible.

Design Technology Design technology encourages children’s designing and making DTskills through a variety of contexts and projects.

As they progress, children will develop their understanding of the made world. They become more aware of human achievements and begin to become innovative in their designing and making while being made aware of issues relating to sustainability and environmental issues in the twenty first century.

Information Technology – Children are taught to become familiar with information technology.  We aim to enable children to use IT ITconfidently and purposefully to achieve specific outcomes.   The children confidently use computers to help them through a wide variety of cross-curricular activities. Each child in Key Stage 2 has access to their own labelled laptop which is stored in a box.

All classes have computers with access to the Internet and a number of i-pads enabling them to be used throughout all curriculum areas.  The children also use a wide variety of other technology such as  beebots, Roamer and recording devices.   The School is aiming to develop the current IT provision within the school and each class.

Please see the Parent Pages for advice on e-safety.