The Humanities Area of Learning and Experience consists of Geography, History and Religious Education.

Geography – Children are given the opportunity to develop the necessary skills geogfor geographical enquiry, at a local level and further afield.  Topics include learning about developing countries in other parts of the World.  Local and regional visits are arranged and the children investigate different sources, including the Internet.

History affects and pervades every aspect of our timelinelives. It not only allows pupils to acquire an insight into the affairs of the modern world and past times, but it is also of intrinsic interest.  Children are taught to develop an awareness of the characteristics of different periods in the past, from the earliest times to the present. They are taught about key events and notable people in the locality, Wales and Britain.  We also encourage the children to acquire the appropriate skills to develop their historical knowledge and interest.

Religious Education – We follow the Powys Religious Education Scheme which includes learning about the key characteristics of the main World Religions.  The emphasis is on kindness, consideration  and honesty, all of which are important aspects of the school Rama and Sitaculture and ethos. The children are taught respect and tolerance towards others and their beliefs.  Outside speakers are regular visitors to give a broad and balanced approach.

Collective Worship takes place daily in the form of class or whole-school assemblies, which follows a planned timetable of themes. The daily Collective Worship includes a prayer and is broadly Christian in character.

Parents wishing to withdraw their children from either Religious Education or the religious aspect of assemblies should contact Miss Clark (Headteacher).