Languages, Literacy and Communication (Welsh)


Welsh is taught as a second language and our aim is for all children to become as bilingual as possible.  We provide opportunities for them to use Welsh daily, in a variety of contexts eg at snack time and at playtime.   Welsh is taught by all teachers at the school with support from Hatsour welsh development officer Mrs Debbie Cornelius.

Great emphasis is placed on oral communication throughout the school.   Simple vocabulary, phrases and sentences are introduced as soon as possible to the Nursery and Reception class, so that they hear Welsh words as soon as they start school.  In KS2 lessons include more formal written work, including vocabulary and sentence development. We include Welsh songs in music and assembly and Welsh folk dances in P.E. for example. Older children have the opportunity to attend a Welsh Residential Visit to Llangrannog in Year 5 or 6.

Curriculum Cymreig – We provide all of our pupils with opportunities to develop and Llancaeach Fawrapply knowledge and understanding of the cultural, economic, environmental, historical and linguistic characteristics of Wales. The Curriculum Cymreig helps learners to understand and celebrate the distinctive quality of living and learning in Wales in the twenty-first century, to identify their own sense of ‘Welshness’ and to feel a heightened sense of belonging to their local community and country. It helps to foster an understanding of an outward-looking and international Wales.

Bilingualism – Older pupils participate enthusiastically in Dreigiau Coch, which encourages Walesthe younger pupils of the school to play and interact through the Welsh language.

The children and their families enjoy our annual Eisteddfod and we are always proud of our children’s efforts. All of our songs and poems are delivered through the welsh language. Our school houses are:  Caradog (Red), Llewelyn (Yellow) and Glyndwr (Blue).

Cymraeg Campus – We are very proud to have been awarded the Bronze Award (Gwobr Aur). We are one of the first schools in the local area to have done this. Da iawn pawb!

We are now working on the targets for the Silver award. You can see our progress on the Cymraeg Campus display in the school hall.