School Council

The School Council is made up of representatives from Year 2 upwards.  The School Council meets regularly and plays a positive role in school life. The elections for new School Councillors take place each September.

School Councillors 2021-2022

Our School Council members this year:

  • Year 2 – Eryn    Noah
  • Year 3 –
  • Year 4 – Alex     Olivia
  • Year 5 – Eva      Elena
  • Year 6 – Cerys   Nancy

The School Council have worked hard to develop the 4 Purposes of the new curriculum. They decided that they would like each of the purposes to be based on a dragon character and they then chose a name for each dragon and a colour scheme.

School Councillors 2020 – 2021

Our School Council members this year:

  • Year 2 –
  • Year 3 – Alex     Olivia
  • Year 4 – Eva      Elena
  • Year 5 – Nancy  Cerys
  • Year 6 – Holly    Abi     Toby

They have been busy looking at the school’s behaviour policy and discussing sanctions and rewards.

They have also organised (with the help of the school Sport’s Ambassadors) a rota for activities at break time and lunch time.

The School Council decided to have a pyjama day for this year’s Children in Need.

School Councillors 2019 – 2020

Our School Council members this year:

  • Year 2 – Laura    Sam
  • Year 3 – Rhys
  • Year 4 – Nancy  Matthew
  • Year 5 – Finley    Toby   Cerys
  • Year 6 – Leighton    Jessie   Sophie

Our School Council have decided that with the money raised in the Autumn term they would like to adopt an acre of rainforest for a year and donate the remaining monies to the company ‘The Size of Wales’ which will help to tackle climate change. The website below has more information about this company.

We have also invited our chair of Governors (Mr Craig Bufton) to attend one of our meetings.

We have chosen and ordered a new PSE song book and CD for assemblies and have already started learning some of the new songs about having a positive attitude and practise.

We have e-mailed the boss of Powys Catering as some of the children at our school don’t think that ‘cheese and crackers’ is a suitable pudding to have with a school dinner.

Our response email states that cheese and crackers will soon be coming off the menu!

School Councillors 2018 – 2019

Our School Council members this year: 

  • Year 2 –  Eva   Rhys
  • Year 3 – Nancy    Matthew
  • Year 4 – Jack
  • Year 5 – Neeve     Mia
  • Year 6 – Jack  (Secretary)     Y6  (Chair)     Ryley  (Vice-Chair)     Y6    Y6  (Treasurer)

This year the School Council has raised money for Children in Need by selling ‘Red Noses’. The total raised was £92.50.

They raised money to purchase gardening equipment by holding a non-uniform day. The total raised was £***.

They have also re-organised our class and school awards system. We now allocate ‘house points’ throughout the year which are recorded on a board in the school hall. Each class also has a marble reward jar and there are 3 levels of awards which are different in each class. We can earn marbles for different reasons such as producing  a good piece of work, staying on task, good behaviour etc. We still have our ‘seren yr wythnos’ which is displayed in the hall.

With the money raised from the Class Two enterprise activities during the Christmas Fair, the class voted to purchase an outside table and bench set which the School Council has ordered. We look forward to doing more work outside when the weather improves. We are also hoping to get a white board to fix to the school wall which can be used with dry wipe markers and we would ideally like the area to be slabbed.

Photo of new table:

Some of our School Councillors are also  ‘Eco Warriors’. They are trying hard to keep the school eco-friendly by recycling paper, plastic and food.  They are currently planning on sowing some winter vegetable seeds which can be harvested in the autumn term to make soup.

School Councillors 2017 – 2018 

Our School Council members this year: 

  • Year 2: Lowri
  • Year 3: Jack G
  • Year 4: Jessie
  • Year 5: Khashera and William
  • Year 6: Lewis and Archie

School Council 2016-2017

They are all very thrilled.  Thank you to our Councillors for all the hard work they do for us!

The School Council raised £41.30 for Children In Need

This year the School Council has been keen to improve the amount of equipment available to pupils at break times and has organised fund raising to buy new equipment.  They have raised issues of equality, which have resulted in structural changes to the school building.