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Our Eco Council 2021-2022

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Thursday 30th January 2020

Four members of our team attended the Eco Schools ‘get together’ at Newbridge on Wye. The focus for the day was discussing climate change and sharing ideas.

“We learnt lots of new facts about climate change – if the global climate increased by 2 degrees then 5 % of animals and plants would be extinct!”

“We shared a lot of ideas with other schools and have come back with some plans of action”.


Thursday 27th June 2019

Dave Shaw (Rainforest Roadshow) and his daughter came to school to give us some advice for our school grounds. We have made lots of notes and are looking forward to trying out some of the ideas. Thank you Dave for giving up your time to visit us.

We also held our ‘Groundforce Day’. Many thanks to Chris Jones and Claire Jones for coming in to help and thanks also to all the families who donated plants, compost etc. A special thank you to Rhys and Kai’s nan for visiting local businesses to ask for donations.

We will be holding a ground force day in school after Half Term.

We are lucky enough to have Dave Shaw from the ‘Rainforest Roadshow’ coming to talk to us about what plants etc would be the best to attract wildlife.

Wednesday 15th May 2019

The Eco Council met Mr Richards one of the school Governors.

Mr Richards showed us a power point about how our school uses energy. We also looked at the solar panel meter in the hall to see how much energy was being produced. We were able to compare our gas and electricity costs from last year to this year.

Together we came up with some targets to work on.

We hold a club on Mondays after school. We have planted raspberries and strawberries, nasturtiums and wild flower seeds. We have also made a wormery.